lime-green-rw1Two cool kids loving mum2mum rainwear! Love your gear  Crystal

overalls1We love our mum2mum wet weather pants, best purchase so far for a kiddo who wants to be outside all the timeTui

Can I just say I LOVE your ‘rain sets’ we have been planning on getting an outfit for our adventurous 7 month old and spotted then in farmers today, so convenient! I love that they have the domes in the size and adjustable straps so we are able to buy them a bit big and they will last all winter! I also love that they are not thick and lined with fleece so on those warmer days where it’s wet outside they will be great for puddle jumping!!  Nicole

I took my 2 yr old son for a walk around the lake yesterday afternoon, yes in the major downpour and he was wearing his new wet weather gear. He rode his balance bike through every possible puddle including the deep ones by innes common and we spend a good hour in the downpour…. guess what… to my surprise he was still dry when we got back to the car. I can truly say, best money spent in a long time. Thank you  N Mikkelsen

11209428_580703445667_7577662112925481587_nOur girls in matching mum 2 mum jackets and overalls last weekend!  Thanks for making such awesome products that allow us to still get out and about when it’s cold and wet
outside.  Celia

11742814_10152954530306121_2082944375600278558_n…Perfect attire for a trip to the farm in the winter    Becca

Hi – I bought a size 2 rain outfit at the field days on Thursday and got home and realised that it was way too big for our little man (because I’m a dad and have no idea).  Jo at the field days gave me her card if I wanted to return them (I think she could tell I had no idea) if the sizing was wrong, but we decided that since we have number 2 due at the end of August it made more sense to just purchase the smallest size and let him grow into the original pair and hand down the smaller pair to bump. Anyway I’m amazed that I ordered them at about 12.30pm on the Friday and they turned up at about 10.30am on the Saturday…… Wow !!!!  Thanks sooooo much, it looks like rain this arvo so I’m gunna stick him in his gear chuck him out there (I mean place)………    Because I Can – Cheers Mum 2 Mum,  – thanks Skip

10251967_10152065824057205_3339103206956317971_nJack getting the most out of the grotty  CHCH weather in his new Mum 2 Mum Rain Wear Nicky

Hello Mum 2 Mum,  The bibs arrived today they are fantastic as my son has reflux he is sick all the time and they protect him better than any other bib I have tried. Can I order another 7 bibs please. Many thanks Marcie (UK)
Hi, just to let you know I LOVE your wonderbib, absolutely fabulous for our spilly baby. I have just ordered a few more plus some change / playmats for friends who’ve recently had babies, and I will be telling them about the bibs too. Anyway, keep up the good work, it’s brilliant to see such great ideas come to fruition. Many thanks – Nicki (NZ)

rw-snowHere’s a photo of my 18mth old daughter in her new rainwear at roundhill skifield last week, she had a blast and remained dry the entire time, a great product thanks  Claire

10405775_10152083182847100_328280587_nI love it!  Alice

overallsMy girl in her new Mum 2 Mum gear, off with dad to move the cows  Tania  

Hi I absolutely love your wonder bibs – they are great for my girl is constantly dribbles and has been a reflux baby. Kind regards Bridget Meadowbank, Auckland Hi Jo~ We really love the Mum2Mum bibs!!! It’s amazing to get through a meal and still have dry/clean clothes. Thanks so much!!! I’ve already placed another order for 12 more bibs for my daughter. Waiting excitedly for the new bibs to arrive 🙂 Tiffany G (USA)

10003961_10152092485531497_455798094839038945_nYour waterproof gear  is perfect on days like this! Thanks Mum 2 Mum!   Jennie

green-rain-wearHow fantastic! The bibs arrived today and they are just so brilliant! Really bright exciting colours! Thanks so much! Angela

I have a handicapped child who constantly drools. I have always used the “disney bibs” that are snap on the neck and have vinyl on the back. They have discontinued these bibs and I have been searching, seems forever, for a bib like it. All the bibs I have found online “do not” have a vinly back which is not good for my daughter because the wetness leaks right through to her clothes. The bibs I have order from you are not only “pretty” but do the job. I am so happy I found your site and will be ordering more soon. Thank you, Marisa (USA)

Hi, I purchased some wonder bibs at the Chch Parent & Child Show & just wanted to let you know they are fantastic. It was great to visit your stall and view your products which I have seen on your website previously. Very, very happy with your product. Happy mum Kaiapoi

Hi, I’m a kiwi living in the UK but I didn’t realise I could actually buy from your websites – sorry! I have bought a few now as they are just the best thing ever for my little, super, dribbly boy! Stylish AND practical! It’s so great to see yet another fantastic invention from NZ! 🙂 Joanna (UK)

Hi, I wanted to speak with you at your stand at the Wgtn Parent and Child Show. I just wanted to say that you Bibs are fantastic – I think I have 9 of them (including two bandana bibs and two coveralls). They are fantastic, very good at absorbing all the liquids that my 13 month old produces and are even very stain resistant! The other bibs that I have are all showing a lot of stains now – but even my white bib is still looking great! Your product is excellent, and that is really important to me as a lot of baby products are not that great. Anyway, as an auditor I know how nice it is to get feedback on your products and I just wanted to pass this on to you. Kind Regards, Emma (Wellington)

Hey there Jo and Jo! I have a wee 3mth old and received a “wonder bib” from a friend as a pressie. I have a pile of bibs that are all different brands and I have to say that yours is the best by a LONG shot! I am about to purchase a whole lot more but as I am in the baby business myself I know how great it is to get feedback and I wanted to let you know that they are just awesome! I am forever looking for it and washing it quickly so I can use again! Hence buying a whole lot more! Good on the two of you for finding a gap in the market and having an absolutley fantastic product – I’m impressed! Happy New Year.  Angie 🙂 (NZ)

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I think your bibs are fantastic. I have a little boy that dribbles all the time with reflux, a great combination. Your bibs are the only ones that he can wear for any length of time and his clothing is still dry. They also wash very well. I have been telling all new Mum’s I see how great they are and will be ordering more soon as I think they make great gifts. Thanks again.  Janine Dougherty (NZ)

Hi there, I visited your stand at the Parent and Child Show and purchased three of your wonderful bibs. On getting them home and road-testing them I was very impressed with their soak ability as our 10 month old is always double-bibbed as his dribbling goes through other ones in about 10 minutes! I wish now I’d bought 10 and wondered if you would do this special deal for me that was available at the show? I am kicking myself that I didn’t purchase more at the show but was in a rush to get home at the time – we live in Mt Maunganui. Look forward to hearing from you!  Cindy McCarroll (NZ)

A short note to say thank you for designing these fantastic bibs that have made life so much cleaner, drier and happier for a little chap with reflux and chronic drool problem and his Mum. I have tried so many other types of bibs and the only waterproof ones were like sandpaper and chafed him around the neck, while the cotton bibs soaked through in no time – at last a “wonder bib” that keeps little ones dry and comfortable, look great and do what they are designed for. Thanks again.  Sarah Brakenridge (NZ)

Hi there, we purchased the capsule cover and three bibs from the Expo. My daughter Phoebe looks so cute in her capsule and is fascinated with all the bright colours and dots! The bibs are amazing, they keep her completely dry and still look nice after her bottle! I am very impressed. Thanks again. Vee Tan (NZ)

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