We have four Wonder Bib shapes – Infant, Bandana, Standard and Sleeved. So, which one works best for you?

Infant Wonder Bib
– The smallest bib in our range, fits birth – 6 mths.
– This one is small enough for newborns and prem babies.
– Side dome closure for ease during one-handed feeding

Bandana Wonder Bib
– Our dribble bib, fits 4mths – 3yrs.
– Dribbly babies can wear throughout the day to keep them clean and dry without covering their outfits.
– Designed to bunch under their neckline so that folds will catch and absorb dribble.

Standard Wonder Bib
– Our original and best selling bib! Fits birth – 3yrs
– Everyday bib for mealtimes.
– You’ll get lots of use out of this one.

Sleeved Wonder Bib
– Comes in two sizes 6 – 18mths & 18mths – 3yrs.
– Messy child? This is the one you want.
– Keeps baby clean from wrists to waist.

I have two suggestions:
1. Use our Bean Pod Swaddle Pouch
2. Use a muslin blanket in combination with the new sleep bag you are wanting to transition them into.

Option one:
Our Bean Pod Swaddle Pouch. This swaddle is specifically designed to transition into a sleep bag using built-in arm-poppers. To make the transition more gradual, we recommend releasing one arm on the first sleep, alternate to the other arm on the second sleep, and continue to do this for a few night before completely transitioning to sleeping with both arms out. Please note, the arm hole poppers are only available on the size large swaddle.

Option two:
This is an idea I saw a long time ago from a sleep consultant which stuck with me. She recommended putting baby in their new sleep bag but using a muslin blanket over top to tightly swaddle baby for the first night. On the second night, release one arm. On the third, alternate to the other arm. Continue this for a few nights before removing the muslin blanket completely to transition into a both arms out sleep bag.

Can I do this with the Mum 2 Mum DreamSwaddle? No, our DreamSwaddle is safely designed to be a double wrap system. Once baby indicates that they are trying to roll, our DreamSwaddle should be discarded and parents should begin the transition into an arms-out sleep bag.

Our Rainwear is generously sized for growing room and warm layers. We’re Mums too, we’ve done the up-sizing so you don’t have to. We recommend that you go with whichever clothing size your child is currently wearing. i.e. If they are wearing size 3, stick with size 3. Lots of kids can get away with wearing the same size rainwear for two years. Buying too big can make it too difficult for your child to wear.

For measurements, check out our size guide.

Tip: If you have Rainwear that is too big, (typically hand-me downs from an older sibling) never roll the sleeves up and over, instead roll them up and under. The lining inside the Rainwear is not waterproof. If the lining gets wet it will travel up their arms and won’t keep them dry.

Some babies will sleep well without a swaddle – settle easily, have long and frequent naps, and sleep well between feeds overnight.

Sleep Consultant Trainee, Charlotte Davie from Calm Haven says, “If your baby isn’t sleeping well without a swaddle, but appeared to ‘hate’ the swaddle when you tried, chances are that they were overtired when you swaddled them. Try doing it sooner.”

Newborns are clever when it comes to sleep association. If you create a routine around bedtime i.e. bath, feed in a dark room, play white noise, and swaddle. They will often quickly learn that the swaddle means sleep. Once you’ve created strong sleep association with the swaddle, it’s not uncommon for baby to start yawning when you swaddle them as they prepare for sleep.

Sleep Consultant Trainee, Charlotte Davie from Calm Haven says, “Newborns have a strong startle reflex, it is so strong they can literally startle themselves awake as they drift from one stage of sleep to the next. All of this is often resolved by a good swaddle over the arms. Swaddling is one of the things most people swear by when it comes to newborns and settling them to sleep.”

Charlotte loves our award-winning DreamSwaddle and recommends it to her clients, “My favourite item for a newborn is a swaddle. A swaddle that is impossible to escape and SO easy to use. I love the Mum 2 Mum swaddles! They are so easy to use and come in both a summer and winter style.”

Tip: Not sure you’re using our DreamSwaddle correctly? Watch our video on How to Swaddle. If you’re worried about fabric coming loose around the shoulders, make sure your pulling up and over the back of the shoulders and tightly pulling downward at the front.

Great question! Our bibs are made of 100% cotton fibres which can stiffen over time if you use heavy detergents and dry in the sun regularly.

Try use a basic detergent without softeners and other additives as they can clog the fibers and cause them to join together.

Put the bibs through the dryer. It’s actually good to put our bibs in the dryer. By tumbling the product it encourages the fibers to separate from each other and keeps it fluffy. Too much sun and not enough airflow can cause the fibers to glue together and stiffen – much like a plant does.

If you don’t have a dryer, beat up the bibs. Whack the bibs against the couch a couple of times before you fold it. You may look a little crazy, but separating the fibers will help those bibs soften up a bit.