Every parent’s dream – a great night’s sleep, for their baby and for themselves!

The award-winning DreamSwaddle™ is designed to calm baby and keep them safe. It immobilizes baby’s arms to stop them from waking themselves with involuntary movements; keeping thems safe from accidental scratches and decreasing their ability to roll onto their stomachs. Made from 100% cotton to provide a warm and consistent temperature for a comfortable night’s sleep.

  • Double wrap construction keeps baby safe and secure all night long.
  • Fitted and adjustable.
  • Double-ended zip for easy diaper change.
  • Bell-shaped bottom.
  • Creates strong sleep association.
  • 1 TOG rating

OHbaby! Awards – Awarded Silver for Best Baby Swaddle

Small – 7-14lbs (3.17 – 6.35kg)
Large – 15 – 22lbs (6.80 – 9.98kg)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Love it but baby outgrows it very fast

My baby settles very well in the swaddle, the only problem is he outgrow the small size super fats and now he almost outgrown the large size (he is almost 3 months old). I think the Velcro patch needs to be closer so it can be used for longer.

Amy Greenfield
They are the only thing we use

Since making the switch to our @mum2mum swaddles Aurelia has become a dream at sleep time, whether it's bedtime or nap time we are able to put Aurelia into her swaddle and she knows that it's sleepy time and is able to self settle.
During the day she naps 2-3 hours at a time and night she will sleep 4-7 hours in her first stretch, going down at 6.30pm and then 3-4 hours till we get up for the day at 6.20am.
I am so happy that my sister recommended we try out her swaddle, now they are the only thing we use.