Bean Pod Swaddle Pouch


Keeping bedtime simple with our easiest swaddle yet.

The Bean Pod Swaddle Pouch allows baby to move their hands into a comfortable position that suits them without waking up, while at the same time, still helping to contain startle reflex. All babies love feeling snug, but not all babies love being swaddled. In fact, some bubs are swaddle escape artists. The Bean Pod keeps baby snug but with less restrictions, making them less likely to do a full Houdini, and more likely to settle. We suggest this product to parents of bubs that just won’t stay swaddled.

Tip: In size large, there are poppers/domes in the armholes to help your baby transition from arms-in swaddling to arms-free sleep bags with minimal disruption to sleep association.


  • Stretchy flexible fabric to allow for natural movement.
  • 2-way zipper for easy nappy change.
  • Skin-friendly, lightweight, breathable fabrics
  • 0.2 TOG cool weight, suitable for summer. Use year round with warmer clothing layers inside.

(PLEASE CHECK THE WEIGHT OF YOUR BABY & ORDER FOR THE WEIGHT THEY ARE NOW) Swaddles are not effective if they are not the right size.
0-2 months – (up to 6kg) Length of swaddle is 55cm
2-6 months – (from 5 – 8kgs ) Lenght of swaddle is 70cm
4-12 months (from 7 – 10kg) Length of swaddle is 78cm

Material: Stretch cotton and cotton-bamboo blends.