About Us

Hello, we’re Mum 2 Mum

We’re a NZ based company who proudly manufacture and sell award-winning baby products. Mum 2 Mum was started back in 2004 by young mums dealing with dribbly babies, reflux, eczema… you name it. Inspired to create practical and stylish products, our big break started with our signature range the Wonder Bib.

Our Wonder Bib comes in six different styles and is an essential item for everyday baby needs. The Wonder Bib range is made with super-absorbent 100% cotton towelling with a nylon water resistant backing. These bibs can hold ¼ cup of liquid, have an adjustable neckline, are machine washable, dryer safe, colourfast, and stay looking good long after purchase.

With this success, we’ve continued to design and sell unique award-winning products such as our DreamSwaddle, rain wear, hooded towels, and more. We love what we do. And as it turns out, so do our consumers. Today, our products are available in 20 different countries world-wide. Our range is available at all good baby stores nationwide, and we’re now a major supplier to many childcares throughout NZ.