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                 The bib that really works! Made from 100% cotton, super-absorbent velour toweling
                 with a nylon water resistant backing to keep babies dry.  Our Wonder Bibs protect
                 against dribble rash and eczema and are an essential purchase for infants with reflux.
                 Our products are all machine washable, dryer safe, colourfast and stay looking good
                 long after purchase.

                 Look out for these great features:

                                What parents say:

              “       Can I just say you have the best bibs in the world?! - Dawn  ”

                                         I’m sure you get this sort of feedback all the time, but just had to
                                 “       write to say your bibs are amazing. I have a very spilly baby and
                                         these are the only bibs that work. - Jen
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