Seconds & Sample Rainwear

Seconds & Sample Rainwear

Want our Rainwear at a discounted price? Wish granted.

At the Fieldays we had sample Rainwear which has been tried on by lots of little farmers. We’ve given the outside a wipe down since returning, but don’t feel like we can sell them as first’s anymore. So, we’re selling them with 10% off. While gathering up all the samples we found a few other rainwear seconds and Farmers samples we thought you might be interested in too. So here they are!

Samples – 10% off

Faulty – 50% off

Discounts have already been applied. These clearance items are limited stock and are available on a first come, first serve basis.  All clearance purchases are final sale so no returns or exchanges will be accepted.  Please be sure of the selection prior to ordering the product. Clearance purchases are not valid for further price discounts or promotions.

Farmers Samples – We had a few Farmers Samples from our new range left over so we have decided to make them available too. These are not discounted.

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Samples and Seconds