Seconds – Bib 5pks



Want to grab a handful of bibs at a discounted price? Wish granted.

We’ve had a delivery of Seconds Bibs from our Warehouse. Seconds Bibs are bibs with imperfections – a pull here, a faulty there, a grubby mark – anything that makes it imperfect.
But hey, just because these bibs aren’t perfect to us, doesn’t mean they’re not perfect for you!

We’ve created lucky dip packs, each with:
2 x Standard Wonder Bibs
2 x Bandana Wonder Bibs
1 x Infant Wonder Bib

Though we’re not letting you pick colours, we are curating the bibs into colour themes so you can still choose a style suited for you.
Our seconds items are limited stock items and are available on a first come, first serve basis.  All seconds purchases are final sale so no returns or exchanges will be accepted.  Please be sure of the selection prior to ordering the product. Seconds purchases are not valid for further price discounts, shipping discounts, or promotions.