Factory Seconds – Bib Packs

Factory Seconds – Bib Packs

A tiny pull there. A little bitty flaw there.
These puppies are going cheap, because hey, they’re not perfect to us, but they could be perfect for you.
In fact, most of our past customers have found it hard to find the flaws!
These factory seconds are an awesome buy and we only have a limited supply so don’t miss out!

Factory seconds are not valid for further price discounts, shipping discounts, or promotions.

Sleeved (small) – 3 pack
Neutral 1 – Teal/Red/Navy
Neutral 2 – Red/Orange/Lime
Girl – Cerise/Purple/Teal

Bandana – 10 pack
Neutral – Assorted Colours

Standard – 10 pack
Neutral – Assorted Colours