Bamboo Sleep Bag

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The #1 Sleep Bag in Canada.

Perlimpinpin’s Bamboo Sleep Bag is the perfect solution for a safe sleep. Its unique construction and reverse zipper allows quick and discrete nappy change without disrupting baby’s sleep. It has a well adjusted neck hole and only opens from the bottom to ensure the bag never goes over baby’s head. Made with sustainability in mind, the viscose from bamboo comes from a 100% organic culture. No pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals are used to increase bamboo growth. Only water soluble dyes were used for our prints. The organic bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and it absorbs and evaporates moisture. Only the most natural and sustainable for your baby. Ideal for babies with allergies and eczema.

  • Sustainable and eco-conscious product.
  • Opens fully from bottom for easy nappy changes.
  • Well adjusted neck hole and protected chin.
  • Ideal for babies with allergies and eczema.
  • Extra soft and silky fabric
  • No need for blankets
  • Lots of room for baby’s feet
  • – 1 TOG / 18-22 °C

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Designed in Canada, by Perlimpinpin