Please Note: winners have six months to claim their prize (from the date it is drawn) after this time it is no longer valid.

March Friday Free Day 2017 (St Patrick’s Day – $50.00 worth of GREEN products)
Mandy Keir Gray
Samantha Boyde

April Friday Free Day 2017 (3x Teething Wonder Bibs each)
Charlotte Foley
Courtney-Lee Kitto
Krista Thom

May Friday Free Day 2017 (Bamboo Bandana Bib + Bamboo Collar Bib)
Anna Tate
Nakita Nicholson
Bec Miers
Jessica Sassella

June Friday Free Day 2017 (1x SET of Rainwear each)
Amanda Nankivell
Jasmine Elliment

July Friday Free Day 2017 (1x Kiddie Towel each)
Selina Goord
Claire Nielsen
Jordan Butler Eastman

August Friday Free Day 2017 (3x Fashion Bandanas for you & 3x for a friend!)
Julie Carson
Martha Feely

September Friday Free Day 2017 (NEW product pack – DUNKEE Bear, Bamboo Collar Bib, Bamboo Bandana Bib and Cotton Muslin Blanket)
Alicia Chrisohoou
Michelle McKenzie
Sarah Davis

October Friday Free Day 2017 (3x Standard Wonder Bib pack)
Amy McLennan
Kelsey Allen

October Christmas Bib giveaway – 1x LIMITED EDITION Christmas Bib each
Tania Moffett
Rachel Hodge
Ali Ashman
Becky Bergman
Hayley Van Kerssen-Hills
Cheyanne Nowacki
Cherry Tong
Laurie Pallett
Misty Falleni-Mancer
Sally McMillan